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Unmatched Renton

Auto Repair and Service Credentials

When seeking a Renton auto service and Repair Company, what matters most are the people who are actually doing the work on your vehicle. Proper training is the gateway that leads to years of professional experience, and at Eurosport Park Avenue we pride ourselves on our extensive qualifications.

Meet Jesse:  Jesse is a Renton auto mechanic whose training includes over ten years at Phil Smart Mercedes-Benz. Today, Jesse's credentials include:

 * Master Certified Mercedes Technician
 * Mclaren/Mercedes SLR




 *State Emissions Certified Technician

 *Certified Ferrari Technician (One of less than 200 in North America)

Jesse started his trade by taking the family VCR apart as a little boy, giving him the mechanical mind and passion he has today. In his spare time, he tries to enjoy the Seattle sun outdoors camping and  motorcycle riding and spending time with his family.

Meet Richard:  Richard Hull has over 15 years of experience with high-end 
European automobiles, ten of which were spent at Phil Smart Mercedes-Benz as a Master Certified Service Consultant. When it comes to your Renton auto repair and service needs, it makes sense to utilize the services of the people who know, and love, the work that they do.

His passion for cars began at a very young age, his love of Hot Wheels, models, and remote control cars led him to where he is today.  In his spare time, he is restoring a '66 Nova, loves to BBQ and enjoys all the things that run on gasoline. |

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