Scooter cover, and accessories to take care of the motorcycle and drive safely

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Only bikers know about the excitement and freedom experienced on board their favorite vehicle. No matter if the destination is the office, the house or an exotic landscape outside the city, the connection between motorcycle and driver is always very special. For this reason, their owners are especially concerned with protecting them, keeping them in optimal conditions and, of course, feeling as comfortable as possible while driving and they look for scooter cover while storage. Aware of this relationship, we have selected 15 essential garments and accessories to ride safely and comfortably, both within the city and on the road, as well as to keep the motorcycle protected and in optimal condition in any situation. All products are available to buy online and, in the case of safety elements, comply with basic certifications and regulations for driving with less risk.


Waterproof scooter cover

To keep the motorcycle in the best conditions, protected from dust, dirt and weather events, this XXL case is perfect for any model. It measures 224x105x125 cm and is made of polyester, so it is weatherproof and protects against dust, dirt, UV rays, snow or rain, the latter thanks to it is also waterproof. It is also a good solution to prevent dirt from bird droppings and other damage. It has grilles to prevent the accumulation of heat and humidity, in addition to the fabric is breathable.

Disc lock with alarm

With a body constructed entirely of seamless aluminum alloy core, this lock is a very safe way to prevent any theft. It is attached to the disc of the wheels and provides a sensitive protection to any blow or strong vibration, after which it sounds an alarm of 100 decibels to scare away the thieves. It is resistant to water, corrosion and high temperatures, as well as saws and any other type of cut. It is also advisable to purchase a reminder cable to not forget that the padlock is in place.

Leopard LEO-813 full-face helmet

There is no safety element as essential for any biker as the helmet, in addition to its use is mandatory while riding on any road. To ensure complete protection, this model of the Leopard brand has the European certification ECE 22-05 and is manufactured with ABS and expanded polystyrene (EPS), which guarantees maximum impact resistance. The chin strap has a quick release system, while the visor is scratch resistant. It is available in different colors and includes a bag to carry it. In sizes from XS to XXL.

Evotech rear reflective

Traffic regulations indicate that in the rear, all motorcycles must have a red catadioptric, that is, a device reflecting the lights of another car or motorcycle over short and medium distances. Although most models already have one from the factory, they can be damaged or detached, so it never hurts to have one in good condition to increase safety. This Evotech model with plastic cover is perfect for most motorcycles and at a very affordable price.


Wrist rest for throttle lever

Motorists who usually make long journeys know that after several hundred kilometers their hands can get tired or numb, both due to the position of the wrists and the pressure of the accelerator spring. A practical solution to make the trip more comfortable is this wrist rest, which is placed on the motorcycle’s fist and allows you to accelerate with the palm of your hand without having to squeeze the handle, so the hand stays relaxed throughout the journey.

Semi-rigid saddlebags Auto Companion

To load with the basic elements of any trip, such as tools, food, and other equipment, the ideal is to have some saddlebags on the rear sides of the motorcycle, since they offer enough space without taking up too much space, in addition to being in an accessible position. This semi-rigid structure model holds the two parts together with a strong Velcro strap and has several straps to securely attach them to the motorcycle. They are resistant to water and extreme weather conditions. It has large interior pockets and the other side with double zip.

Tucano Urbano R363X scooter cover

With an exterior made of waterproof neoprene, these handlebar covers with counterweight have an elastic mouth and a rigid interior, which help to avoid air currents and achieve greater tightness at high speeds. The handlebar fixing system is adjusted with screw, which allows more freedom in the return of the throttle. It is especially recommended for scooters. Buy scooter covers from online and avail amazing discounts and warranty. If you are interested to know more about scooter covers dont forget to contact us or comment here.

The good old motor scooter is returned and more famous than ever! From the nerdy little Vesta of the 50’s we have come a long manner child! Scooters have emerged as an more and more famous manner of transportation international extensive. Folks love them due to the fact they may be mild weight, they’re easy to maneuver, easy to park, easy to save, get awesome gas mileage, and they’re in order that a great deal fun to power! Scooters have been transporting parents round for nearly 100 years. They date again to the times of the First World War, in a number of exceptional bureaucracy and versions. Most international locations around the world have been a hit manufacturing them, and simply as successful promoting them around the sector. This makes them one-of-a-kind than the conventional motorbike in that they had been simply meant as low electricity, one character delivery. While there are scooters with as much as 800 cc, you maximum probably are not shopping for a scooter for strength! You want something simple to get you from right here to there and back – efficiently and economically! Without you having to pedal!

Now, if you are one of the courageous who have bought a scooter, it is essential to remember the fact that, like several motorized cars, scooters want to be blanketed from the weather and the factors of nature. When they’re now not being used, you must try to keep it protected, and there are Scooter Covers for just any such cause. Just like overlaying your automobile, boat, or golfing cart, they’re built to hold all of the wet, mess, dust, and crud off your automobile. The closing factor you need is to hop in your scooter and have the seat be all moist, or included with fowl poop or tree sap! Kind of sucks the a laugh out of the journey! They are superb at maintaining dirt, dirt, and the solar’s UV rays from detrimental the end of your scooter.

The scooter covers for winter are pretty simple to position on and take off, thank you by and large to their small size (consider a scooter as opposed to a Car, Truck, Boat, or RV). Everything is proper there in front of and under you. Nice! You can locate covers in a pleasant sort of sizes, shapes, and patterns – maximum designed to custom suit your scooter model. Some come with wind monitors and storage baggage. Many are made with a urethane lined deck panel to reflect the solar and warmth. The sides are generally a PVC-covered nylon, making it so clean to handle. They’re properly stitched for sturdiness, and elasticized front and back to keep it in place. Scooter covers, like their bigger vehicle sisters, are also vented to allow a method for moisture and fumes to break out from below the covers!

Mobility scooters have validated to be of brilliant application for physically disabled humans, making them more independent to transport long distances. Various fashions are available in mobility scooters and specific covers are furnished, to defend the automobile. Many exclusive kinds of covers are designed, which serve awesome purposes in protecting the mobility scooter. Covers were particularly designed for the manipulate panel. These covers genuinely in shape all scooter panels regardless of shape or size. The cover protects the digital gear and creates no difficulty, allowing the driving force to preserve full manage of the scooter and brakes. The control panel covers are priced at $15 simplest.

The mobility scooter seat covers serve the overall reason of shielding the seat from rain, dirt and dust. They are completely designed for mobility scooters seats, with or without headrests. The seat cover suits securely across the returned of the mobility chair, with sturdy Velcro straps. Mobility seat covers are to be had for $15. Special light- weight, seam- sealed, fully water- proof scooter covers are to be had to protect the vehicle from rain and dirt. The cover has elastic corners, which secure it from flying away, when it’s miles windy. The garage covers are to be had in extraordinary sizes and fee around $forty.

The covers for winter are also available in distinctive designs for scooters with headrests, the front baskets and even for 3-wheeled sports activities scooters. They have comfy fastening belts to assure that the cover remains on, securely. The deluxe garage covers are to be had in exclusive sizes and are priced around $55. Lightweight scooters covers for winter are also in lightweight water-resistant fabric. Drivers may even go in for innovative Mobility Storage scooter garages. They have solid, robust frames and come in a variety of materials. These scooters offer comfort and independence to the customers and allow them to move around freely. It can be quite hard finding a cover for your mobility scooter, but in case you observe these easy pointers you must be capable of find one which is fairly moderately priced.